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Every male I’ve ever asked has something to say about how much they love their shower.

My master bath’s shower head shattered and fell off the pipe some time back. After enduring many weeks of painful knife-points of misdirected water spatter on my back, I went on Amazon and splurged on a luxury item that was long time in coming: a high-flow showerhead.

For those of you who don’t do home improvement (or live in drought-stricken California), U.S. showerheads are restricted to 2.5 gallons per minute. Most are calibrated at an even 2 GPM just to be safe.

I hate safe showerheads.

It took about five minutes on Amazon to find an affordable showerhead manufactured outside the U.S. that didn’t care about arbitrary flow limits. Three days and free Amazon Prime shipping later, I was the proud owner of the best shower experience of my life.

Heaven had come to my mornings. Showers instantly became the best part of my day. And it all lasted less than two weeks.

At first, the complaints were mild. And a little sheepish.

One of my kids would come out of the bath shivering, saying that the hot water had run out on them while they were covered in soap.

My wife would take a shower immediately after me and comment that something must be wrong with our hot water heater.

The youngest kids would attempt a bath and wind up fighting to get out before the tepid water had their teeth chattering.

After a few days, my household was in revolt. And I had been labeled the villain.

It turns out my 5 gallons per minute ate through a full tank of hot water in about 15 minutes. Meaning that anyone bathing after me was in for a chilly surprise.

“Ok, ok. I’ll return the showerhead,”

But then I would take another 5 gallons per minute shower. And I would forget about my promise to take it all back.

Another revolt over misallocated water. Another promise to make it all right.

Another heavenly shower. Delay, and more delay.

I finally replaced the best shower head in the world with a decidedly more eco-friendly version. My showers have gone back to being mediocre, but at least my kids will look me in the eyes.

I’ve learned a lesson: a single positive experience can blind you to the fact that one thing might be sucking resources away from what’s really important.

Ask yourself if you have any “high flow showerheads” in your marketing plan that are taking resources away from things that need to be watered.

Maybe it’s a large, expensive annual banquet that the executives love but provide almost no ROI for the organization.

Maybe it’s a staffing decision that was paid for by gutting the operations budget.

Or maybe you just need to go item for item on your marketing schedule and quantify the inputs required against the benefits realized. You are sure to find some “showerheads” that are keeping resources from more critical projects.

Do you need help escaping the tyranny of “showerhead spending” in your marketing plan? Give Recraft Media a call. We excel at discovering what actually brings returns and what is wasted water.

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